About Hanaphaco

Established in 2019, Hanaphaco Pharmaceutical Group Joint Stock Company is proud to be the direct importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products, health care supplements. With the motto: “Golden brand for health”, we always put the quality of our products and the interests of our customers first, being the guideline in all activities, providing providing treatment and health promotion solutions for the community to lead a healthier and happier life.


Hanaphaco offers a variety of products to bring the most perfect choice to customers!

Thu Huong pharma

Thu Huong Pharmacy is a unit under Hanaphaco, established in 2019, and is a distributor of medicinal products, functional foods, health care foods for pharmacies to all parts of the country and to people. consumption.

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Hanoi pharmacy

Hanoi Pharmacy is a modern retail pharmacy chain that always aims to take care of health and improve the quality of life for patients and the community. We always strive to bring the best experience, and be such a reliable destination for all customers.

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Proud to be a brand that brings extremely quality, genuine and safe products to Vietnamese consumers.

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